Phoenix Rising Recovery Alcohol and Drug Dual Diagnosis  rehab program offers Residential Detox/Residential  Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Extended Care and (IOP) Intensive Outpatient treatment programs.

The Residential Treatment/ PHP level of care are intensive primary care programs consisting of multiple group therapy sessions during the day, 5 days a week. The clients will also see a State Certified Drug and Alcohol counselor multiple times a week.

Clients participate in physical activity attending the gym 5 days a week as well as participating in local  12-Step meetings in the community. Along with the daily group therapy sessions the client and their families attend the Multi-Family group whenever possible (once a week)  and the two day Family Weekend hosted by our MFT once a month.

Medically Managed Detoxification: MD Dr. Andrea Barthwell MD FASAM (Past president of ASAM and Deputy Director of The US Senate Opiate Harm Reduction Committee)  Executive Medical Director and her team providing round the clock care. (5 to 8 Day)

 Addiction Treatment Primary Phase RTC:

  • Primary Treatment Phase – 28 Days;

  • Minimum 25 hours of group therapy, individual counseling, and family program;

  • At least 10 hours of other recovery-related activities;

The client enters the program on a 24-hour supervised level of orientation that decreases with client stability and progress over a two-week period. Staff accompanies the client to all scheduled treatment and outside recovery activities.

In the first week of their Primary Treatment, the client undergoes a psychiatric evaluation to address co-occurring and/or substance induced mood disorders followed by a comprehensive state-of-the-art Computer-Assisted Addiction Severity Index (ASI) assessment that identifies problem severity in seven major life areas (Medical, Psychiatric, Family/Social, Employment, Legal, Spirituality, and Drug/Alcohol use) in order to prioritize problems and needs.

                                              Partial Hospitalization Programming (PHP)

In our true LOC Step down program this is the 8 to 14 day transitional period between fully supervised and our Sober Living environment.

                                    Intensive Out Patient Programming (IOP)


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