BY: Dan L Edmunds   Ed.D., CAADC

Some thought they had reached the pinnacle
They thought they had it all
But they became bitter and cynical
From their great height they went into freefall
Some had no fortune or fame
But they glorified such and made it their goal
The have and the have not find a path much the same
Inwardly there remains a void, a deep and dark hole
Weary of pain, they seek out relief
They venture after the mirage that appears
A change of character causes them to act in ways beyond belief
They become engulfed in all their fears
Distress leads to despair
Questioning and constant analysis provides no solution
Life becomes a burden one cannot bare
A few go through that evolution
Their mindset radically shifts
They find life itself to be of value
They find connection to others and every breath to be amazing gifts
Breakdown becomes breakthrough
They no longer run after vanity
They have found the restoration of their sanity

-Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D., CAADC


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