Some have endured trauma, others have not. Some have been poor and oppressed, others were born into privilege and had a high level of freedom. Some struggled with learning, some were highl yeducated. But addiction arose regardless. And what was it that they shared in common? Other than being human,  it was discontent, lack of meaning and purpose, and an overwhelming angst leading to that desire to control the uncontrollable. And for those who overcome, what did they have in common? An enlightenment of the mind, a reframing of thought, gratitude for each moment, a heart of service, an endurance in struggle, hope with realism, a communion with the other, a willingness to ride the waves of life rather than fight them, using angst as a motivator for what can be changed rather than being overwhelmed and bewildered in thought.
-Dan L. Edmunds, Ed.D, DAPA, CAADC


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